When Gums Act Up: How To Handle Your Dental Abscess

In most cases, dental abscesses let their presence be known in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, once you notice the signs, you may be already well on your way to a big problem. To learn more about how to handle a dental abscess, read on. Infections of the Gum An abscess is a pocket of pus on the gums that usually indicate an infection. It’s important to understand the signs of an infection since an untreated abscess can be surprisingly dangerous.

3 Services That Special Needs Dentists Provide

Dental care is important for everyone, but some people have special needs that make obtaining the proper care tough. Fortunately, special needs dentists are trained to help people who have unique needs due to medical conditions or disabilities. A special needs dentist will ensure that patients’ needs are met in a safe and supportive environment. Here are three services that special needs dentists provide for their patients: 1. Accommodations For Sensory Processing Issues