5 Tips For Preparing Your Child To Have A Cavity Filled

Regular dental treatment and a daily oral hygiene routine are essential for good oral health, but know matter how diligent you are in caring for your child’s teeth, he or she may eventually develop a cavity that will need to be drilled and filled in the dentist’s office. The first filling can be scary for a young child who doesn’t know what to expect. Use the following tips to prepare your child for his or her first dental filling:

Why Now Is The Time For You To Get A Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

If you have anything less than a perfect smile, you may be cheating yourself. These days, there are so many cosmetic dentistry options out there that can give you that movie star smile that you’ve been wanting. While you may be thinking about getting some cosmetic dental work done, you might be still on the fence. Use this information to learn more about why now is the time for you to get a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Preventing Teeth And Jaw Misalignment: 3 Local Developmental Causes Of Malocclusion

Americans are obsessed with having a perfect smile. This includes white and straight teeth that are of the perfect shape and size. The importance of having a straight smile is perhaps the reason behind why over 80% of North American teenagers are currently under orthodontic care to correct teeth and jaw misalignments that have emerged during development. Figuring out what the most prevalent causes of malocclusion are can help you determine whether you will likely be in need of additional dental services.

Backflow Is A Real Issue At The Dentist – What You Should Do During Your Dentist Visit

It is important to visit the dentist on a regular basis to maintain good oral health and yes, even your overall health. Most people worry about the needles in the event they need a cavity filled or have their teeth pulled. Did you know you should also think about backflow issues? What is backflow and what should you do about it on your next visit to the dentist? What Is Backflow?

What Could Cause a Dental Implant to Loosen?

If you have dental implants that seem to move a bit when you touch them, you need to get them looked at immediately. Dental implants are not supposed to move. If you leave them alone, the problem causing them to become mobile will only get worse. Plus, if they move at the wrong time when you bite down, you could harm the implant or the teeth around the implant. Treatment for a loose implant depends on the cause.

3 Ways A Dental Veneer Can Help Your Smile – Other Than Covering A Chipped Tooth

A dental veneer is an extremely thin, lab-crafted piece of porcelain that your cosmetic dentistry specialist can bond over the front of a damaged natural tooth. Dental veneers are often used when a natural tooth becomes chipped but is in otherwise in great health, which doesn’t necessitate the use of a dental crown. But dental veneers can be used to treat a few other hard-to-treat dental issues. Here are three other dental issues that can be treated with a dental veneer.

3 Ways To Make Composite Veneers Used For Correcting Buck Teeth Last As Long As Possible

Buck teeth is not uncommon in children, as it affects approximately 25% of all children. If you didn’t correct the issue early on, it’ll be a little bit more difficult to do now that you’re an adult. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, your cosmetic dentist may recommend applying composite veneers to the outer surface of your front teeth in order to correct the shape and size of the teeth for better alignment.

3 Effective Cosmetic Dental Procedures

One of the first things others may notice about you is your smile. If you don’t have the teeth you want, you may work to achieve this goal with the proper cosmetic dental procedure. The good news for you is that there are many to choose from that can effectively improve your teeth. By knowing some details about the various types of dental procedures, this may enable you to make the best selection.

How Your Dentist Will Perform A Root Canal On Your Tooth

Getting a root canal is similar to getting a cavity filled, except the work is performed inside the roots of the tooth. The procedure is needed when the canals become infected, and, while most people do not enjoy getting a root canal, it is often the only way to stop an infection and save a tooth. If you are preparing for a root canal, this is what the dentist will do to fix the infected canals of your tooth.

What To Do When Grandparent Caregivers Don't Brush Your Child's Teeth

If your elderly parents keep your child while you work, you may expect them to protect your child from anything that can harm them. But if your parents refuse to brush your little one’s teeth after serving sugar snacks and meals, it can cause many problems, including tooth decay and bad breath. Here are things you might do to keep your child’s teeth healthy without causing friction with their family caregivers.

3 Ways To Safely Keep Your Teeth White During Pregnancy

If you become pregnant and you regularly use bleaching techniques to keep your smile white, you may wonder what options you have to maintain your smile throughout your pregnancy. While the paste in most home bleach kits is safe for adults to use, little is known about how they might affect a fetus, so it is better to stop your bleaching routine during pregnancy. However, there are a few ways for you to keep your smile bright during pregnancy.

Tips For Helping A Loved One With Disability To Brush Their Teeth

If your loved one is too sick to care for their teeth, it might be up to you to step up to the task and help them brush their teeth. It may be a difficult task for a first-timer, but the following tips may help make it easy: Choose an Appropriate Location Don’t let your loved one’s mobility problems limit their dental hygiene. The bathroom isn’t the only place where they can have their teeth brushed.

3 Advantages Of A Dental Implant

A dental implant can be used to replace a tooth that has been extracted or lost. Although there are other tooth replacement options, a dental implant offers advantages. Here are a few of them: Root Replacement Most other tooth replacement applications, such as a dental bridge, rest at the gum line. However, a dental implant is actually positioned inside the jawbone. When a dental implant is installed, it is drilled into the bone.

Preventing Dry Socket After Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

After a wisdom tooth has been extracted, you might think that you don’t have to do anything other than let the site heal. Blood will create a clot and cover nerves in your mouth. If this clot becomes somehow dislodged and moves into your mouth, a condition called dry socket can develop. This condition requires immediate attention from your dentist, because the site cannot heal properly and exposed nerves are painful.

4 Tips For Dealing With Pain After A Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure that your dentist will want to do for you if you have an infection that goes all the way to the root of the tooth. Since this procedure is very intensive and invasive to the tooth, you can experience some pain afterwards that you will want to know how to deal with properly. This will ensure that you recover properly. Here are four tips for dealing with pain after having a root canal:

3 Reasons To Choose Professional Whitening

Dental staining usually occurs from the food that you eat or the beverages that you drink. Pigments and dyes can quickly discolor the tooth enamel. This discoloration can accumulate over time, causing the teeth to appear darkened or yellow. Regardless of the type of dental discoloration from which you may be suffering, there are multiple whitening applications available. If you are considering whitening your teeth, your best option may be to have them whitened by a dental professional.

Smile Makeovers Can Be Beneficial—Science Says So

Many people are hesitant to show off their smile if they feel they are plagued by cosmetic concerns. Fortunately, a reputable cosmetic dentist has the ability to help you transform your smile into one that you will be proud to display. If you are wondering what types of benefits you can expect to receive by investing in cosmetic dental procedures, it can be helpful to look at the research behind these benefits.

Three Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs To See The Dentist

Dental problems like cavities, dry mouth and gum disease are quite common in the elderly. Unfortunately, these conditions are often allowed to worsen before they are finally treated, since many older adults don’t seek dental care at the first signs of symptoms. If you have an elderly person in your life, it’s important to ensure they see the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups. You should also keep an eye out for the following signs which indicate they need to see a dentist to address a developing issue.

Shaving, Grinding And Shaping Your Teeth: How A Cosmetic Dentist Does These Procedures

Most people are not born with perfect teeth. In fact, even after you get your adult teeth, they may still appear a little strange. There are some procedures that a cosmetic dentist can perform to make your teeth look more “normal” and attractive. Here are those three procedures and how a cosmetic dentist like All About Smiles Incorporated will probably complete them. First Thing’s First: Anesthesia If you are particularly uncomfortable with the sounds and sensations of your teeth being shaved, ground down or shaped, your dentist will give you general anesthesia.

3 Options For Restoring Your Smile After Surviving Domestic Violence

As a survivor of domestic violence, you have already faced and overcome many different challenges.  Recovering from dental problems that occurred due to domestic violence can be difficult. Unfortunately, more than 10 million men and women are abused each year by their partner and many will be living with dental problems for years. If you never smile with an open mouth anymore, restorative dentistry, including veneers, may be exactly what you need.