4 Reasons Invisalign Is A Good Orthodontic Treatment

There are many individuals of varying ages who want perfectly aligned teeth but do not want traditional braces. There have been a variety of innovative solutions to help individuals get straighter teeth. Some of these braces are harder to detect, such as ceramic or lingual braces. Ceramic braces are constructed of ceramic that mimics the color of natural teeth. Lingual braces are sometimes referred to as invisible braces because the brackets are placed behind teeth rather than at the front. However, individuals who want the most invisible orthodontic treatment available today should consider clear aligners. The following points highlight a few important things about Invisalign.

Shorter Treatment Times

Many individuals who opt for Invisalign experience shorter orthodontic treatment times than individuals who opt for traditional braces. They must be worn at all times except when individuals have to eat or perform their oral hygiene regimens. This might seem the same as having braces that stay in place at all times. However, it is important to remember that Invisalign treatments involve the use of clear, removable aligners and offer more freedom.

Freedom to Choose Dietary Options

Traditional braces are composed of brackets that are durable but can break if certain foods are consumed. Individuals who wear them are likely to be advised not to eat hard foods such as ice or hard candy, sticky foods such as candy apples or taffy, or popcorn. There is a long list of problematic foods for braces wearers. However, Invisalign wearers do not have dietary restrictions. They must remove their aligners when they want to eat and replace them when they are finished.

Easy to Clean

It is imperative that individuals who have traditional braces clean between their brackets daily to avoid complications in their orthodontic treatment such as tooth decay. They must also continue their normal flossing and toothbrushing. This can be difficult for some individuals. Invisalign wearers use traditional means of oral hygiene by removing their aligners to brush and floss. The aligners get rinsed off and replaced back afterward.

Empowered Confidence

Individuals who have misaligned teeth might be self-conscious and hide their smiles. The thought of having bulky braces might seem like trading one issue for another. However, Invisalign offers an invisible option to straighten teeth. Confidence is bound to grow as individuals see their smiles transforming and straighter teeth being a reality.

An orthodontist or dentist is a good resource to use to learn more about Invisalign. They can perform oral examinations to determine how long it should take for the orthodontic treatment to be complete.