When It May Be Necessary To Have Tooth Extractions Carried Out

Tooth extraction involves taking out a tooth. It's done by a professional to ensure pain and structural damage are avoided as much as possible. Here are some situations when a tooth extraction may be needed at some point.

Teeth Are Crowding Too Much 

Sometimes when teeth grow in, crowding can start happening. If it happens to the point of excess, then it may be necessary to have a tooth extracted professionally. Your dentist will let you know if this is necessary depending on the type of damage and issues that could develop because of teeth crowding.

If they see that crowding is going to lead to damage and potential decay, then you'll probably be recommended for professional tooth extraction. Then you can create more space for teeth to grow in without causing further dental issues.  

Bacterial Infection is Spreading 

If you don't take good care of your teeth, what can happen is some of them start to develop bacteria and then rot. This bacteria can spread throughout your entire mouth so it might be necessary to have a tooth removed that's seriously affected by bacteria.

It may not be salvageable but at least with tooth extraction, you can keep surrounding teeth from suffering from the same fate. You just need to make sure this extraction is executed by a licensed professional like an oral surgeon. They'll make sure the right teeth are pulled in a precise way as to not cause you a lot of pain.

The Tooth is Severely Chipped 

Chips are pretty common for teeth, especially if you live an active lifestyle or play a lot of physical sports. If you chip a tooth too much to where dental bonding is no longer a viable restorative option, it may be best to just remove this tooth and have it replaced with an implant.

Before this can happen though, tooth extraction will be required. The severely chipped tooth will be removed by a professional and then you can start talking about replacement options with your dentist. This may be the best path for getting your teeth looking great again.

If you have some problems with your teeth that can only be resolved by tooth extractions, then you need to consult with your dentist carefully and make sure the right professional carries this procedure out. Then you'll be in good hands and have a fairly straightforward process to look forward to.  

For more information, contact a dentist to learn more about tooth extraction.