4 Goals For Improving Your Oral Health This Year

Have you not been taking care of your oral health recently and want to make it a goal this year to do a better job? It will help to keep these goals in mind that will improve your overall oral health.

Make Regular Dentist Appointments

Have you not been to the dentist in years? Now is a good time to start back up with regular dental checkups and cleanings. While that first cleaning may take a bit longer to get your teeth clean, future appointments should be a breeze with getting rid of the small amount of tartar buildup that has collected on your teeth over the previous months. Delaying regular dental appointments is only going to cause existing problems to get worse, so figure out what is happening with your teeth and gums as soon as possible.

Brush Two Times Every Day

Do you only brush your teeth once in the morning so that you have fresh breath? It's important to up your oral care routine to twice a day, by brushing once before you go to bed and once when you wake up. Brushing before bed is crucial because all of the bacteria that is collected in your mouth will multiply overnight when your mouth is closed. This causes your overall risk of gum disease and tooth decay to increase, which can be lowered by two extra minutes of brushing each night.

Floss Every Day

Do you hate flossing and have not done it over the years? Any form of flossing is better than nothing, and there may be another tool that you can use to make flossing more enjoyable. Consider switching to a thinner dental floss if you have teeth that are very tight together. If you don't have the dexterity in your hands to hold regular floss, consider using floss picks instead. Even a water flosser is a better alternative to poor flossing. 

Limit Your Snacking

You may be surprised at how damaging it can be to your teeth to snack during the day. Your chance of developing a cavity significantly increases when you have sugar and carbs that sit on your teeth and do not get a chance to rinse off your teeth. Try limiting how often you snack during the day and avoid having a snack without rinsing off the sugar and carbs with water. 

Reach out to a dentist for more tips on what you should be doing to improve your oral health.