Missing Teeth Can Be Replaced Permanently

When you have missing teeth, you may feel very self-conscious about your smile. While solutions such as a bridge or dentures might work for you, it is now possible to replace missing teeth through dental implant treatment services. The technology has been around for a decade or more, and the way in which dental implants are used to replace missing teeth is continually improving. Dentists use implant technology to repair your smile, giving you the confidence you deserve. Implants look and feel just like your natural teeth, and will last for many years with routine care.

How Dental Implants Work

To begin dental implant treatment, your dentist embeds a small titanium rod into your jaw. The rod is small, and your jaw can easily handle a titanium implant rod. Once the bone in your jaw fuses to the rod, a crown can be secured to the rod. Some dentists offer you the ability to have a rod and crown placed on the same day, while others choose to have you wait for the crown until the rod is secure. The rod acts as an anchor for the crown, and keeps the crown in place. 

Candidates for Dental Implant Treatment

Many people are strong candidates for dental implants. Individuals who smoke do not make good candidates, as smoking makes it difficult for the implanted tooth to heal naturally. If you are a smoker, you can become a good candidate by quitting. If you suffer from gum disease, this may prohibit your ability to get implants. For individuals who have blood sugar levels that are out of control, implants are generally not recommended until your blood sugar is controlled.

Permanently Improve Your Smile

Once you are approved for dental implants, you will begin to see the benefits of permanently improving your smile. Implants can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or a whole mouth of teeth. If you wear dentures and you want an alternative, implants can be used instead. Talk to your dentist about your treatment options. Implants are an effective way to improve your appearance and give you a natural-looking set of teeth.

You no longer have to live with missing teeth. Implant technology gives dentists the ability to create natural-looking teeth. You don't have to treat your implants any differently than your natural teeth. Implants will feel normal and give you the ability to eat normally without worry.