3 Benefits Of Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

Having even a single missing tooth can affect your self-confidence and make you not want to smile or meet new people. However, there are many dental options available for replacing missing teeth, including dental implants. With dental implants, you can get the whole, healthy smile you want, but first, check out these three benefits of dental implants for missing teeth.

They Are the Most Durable Option

The biggest problem with replacing missing teeth is recreating the durable hold of natural tooth ligaments. Ligaments in the jawbone hold your healthy real teeth in place. Dentures can't mimic this hold, and dental bridges use existing teeth to secure the fake tooth instead of the strong jawbone.

Dental implants, however, use an artificial titanium root, which fits in your jawbone like a real tooth root. In addition, titanium has the ability to fuse to bone. Therefore, as the implant heals, it becomes more durable like a natural tooth. In fact, with proper care, your implant may never need to be replaced.

They Protect the Shape of Your Jawbone

When you're missing a tooth or teeth, it can affect your smile but having a missing tooth or teeth for a while affects the entire shape of your jawbone. When you lose teeth, the jawbone in that area begins to atrophy because it has no tooth to support. Dentures and dental bridges cannot stimulate the jawbone because they sit above the jawbone.

The implant, however, does stimulate the bone like a natural tooth. Therefore, the bone doesn't continue to shrink. If the jawbone has already shrunk too much, the dentist may need to do a bone graft to add more volume, so the jawbone can support the implant.

They Come in Different Options

If you have one missing tooth, your best choice is a single dental implant. A single implant has one artificial root and one artificial tooth crown. Like a normal tooth, you can floss around it.

However, if you have several missing teeth in a row, your dentist may suggest an implant-supported bridge. This type of bridge uses dental implants to support the fake teeth instead of real healthy teeth. Therefore, it doesn't require healthy teeth to be altered, and it is more affordable than multiple single implants.

If you're missing all your teeth, implant-supported dentures are another option. You can remove them like real dentures, but they don't slip or move, and they continue to support your jawbone.

If you have missing teeth, stop hiding your smile or avoiding the world. With dental implants, you can get the complete beautiful smile you've always wanted. For more information about dental implants, contact a dentist in your area today.