Adult Orthodontic Options

Adults with misaligned teeth may be able to select from multiple orthodontic options to correct the crookedness. Here are some of the orthodontic appliances that are often used by adult patients:


Invisalign has become increasingly popular because of its ability to straighten the teeth quickly and discreetly. Many adult patients do not want to display metal brackets as they smile or converse with others. 

The aligners used in the Invisalign system are made of plastic that is practically invisible against the teeth. The aligners are clear trays that fit the teeth, while still applying gentle pressure to move them into the correct position. 

Multiple sets of aligners are used during a treatment plan. The patient wears each set for a few weeks and then moves on to the next set in the plan. 

In addition to the transparency of the aligners, the removability of the trays also makes Invisalign a preferred option among adult orthodontic patients. Because the aligners are removable, adult patients can eat without being concerned about debris becoming caught in the appliance. 

Invisalign can also be removed to allow the adult patient to clean his or her teeth with ease. The system is not intrusive on the lifestyle of a patient but is still an effective way to straighten minor to moderate dental misalignments. 

Clear Braces

Clear braces have the same components as traditional metal braces. However, the brackets of the braces are made of a transparent material. Thus, the clear braces are much more discreet than traditional metal braces. 

Clear braces can be used to straighten teeth that are moderately or severely misaligned. Thus, many adult orthodontic patients with severely crooked teeth may prefer this option.

The braces straighten the teeth as adjustments to the archwire place alignment pressure on the teeth. The archwire is attached to the clear brackets with elastic bands. The bands are available in multiple colors. However, many adult patients choose clear bands because they are less noticeable. 

People with clear braces may be offered special tools to help keep the areas around the appliance clean. A floss threader can be helpful because the dental floss must be navigated around the archwire and brackets to clean the teeth. Also, an interdental brush, which resembles a tiny pipe cleaner, can help keep the teeth clean even though the brackets are in place.

For more information about adult orthodontic options, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your local area, or check out the site of a local dental office.