Temporary Options For A Better Looking Smile

If you have problems with your smile that you aren't able to have taken care of at this point in time, but you have an event coming up you'd like to look your best for, then there may be some things you can do. There are some temporary solutions to help your teeth look better for things like a wedding, a public speaking event, a photo session or another event you may have coming up.

You can have temporary crowns put on

If you have some problems with your teeth like chips or breaks that you would like to have at least temporarily corrected then you may be able to have temporary crowns put on them. These crowns will help your teeth to look better, but you have to understand that they really are just temporary. Since these crowns aren't developed to hold up for long, they will cost a small fraction of the price of real crowns. However, you should look into having real crowns put on as soon as you can so you can put your dental issues in your past.

Paint your teeth with tooth paint

You can find a tooth paint you can use to temporarily give you whiter teeth. This is best if you have stained or discolored teeth caused by a condition that makes teeth whitening not an option for you. You only want to use a paint that is specifically for teeth and make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. This paint will wear off relatively quickly, so don't count on it lasting for days. Also, you won't be guaranteed to have the exact same shade on all of your teeth and some products may work better than others, so try reading some reviews before choosing one. For permanently whiter teeth, see your dentist for help in the future.

Have snap on teeth made

You can have your dentist fit you for snap on teeth that will be made so they fit nicely right over your own teeth. They will give you a snap on appliance that you can put in at any time to give yourself a fantastic looking smile. While this is a great way to temporarily make corrections to your teeth, it is not something that will be a long-lasting answer to your dental problems. So, you will still want to begin discussing permanent options with your dentist.