MMA Fighters and Dentists: A Match Made in Heaven

Anyone who is a fan of MMA knows how brutal the sport can be. If you're actually a participant, then you know first hand how much damage a fist can do when it comes smashing into your face. So, while you might have hoped your jujitsu technique would allow you to submit your opponent quickly and avoid any injury, there are times when a fierce competitor can end up on top and get you in a ground and pound position. And if you keep getting caught with jabs and right hooks to the jaw, you are going to want to see a dentist.

Old school fighters prided themselves on missing teeth, but with the sport becoming so popular, you want a clean cut image to cash in on lucrative advertisements. Modern day fighters such as Demetrious Johnson and Miesha Tate look like they could be models, and they certainly take care of their teeth, as should you. Here's how your dentist can help you out.

Crowns: For When the Damage Isn't Too Bad

Fighters can get chipped or fractured teeth quite easily. They spend all day sparing, biting down on a mouth guard. This puts them into an almost constant "grind" motion. Some fighters just instinctively clench their teeth, even when they are not sparing or fighting. As any dentist will tell you, all of that clenching is terrible for your teeth. It can wear down the surface and leads to cracks. If that persists, then the tooth will need to be crowned.

Dental Implants: For Those Loose or Knocked Out Teeth

If you took one too many punches, and a tooth is now loose or even knocked out, then you are going to want a dental implant. The other method of cosmetically fixing this problem would be a bridge. However, an implant is a much more secure and less intrusive method. When you get a bridge, the adjoining teeth will sometimes have to be ground down so that the new bridge fitting secures into place. Also, a bridge is not anywhere as secure. They are attached with a cement like substance. Another solution is a partial denture. This is defiantly not what you want if you plan on continuing fighting. These slip in and out very easily. You might even have seen old boxers mugging for the camera and popping out their partial!

What you want is a dental implant. These are secured to your jawbone using titanium. That's an incredibly strong metal. It's the difference between securing something with glue, and with super strong alloy. You want strength when you're in the ring, so choose the implant.