3 Effective Cosmetic Dental Procedures

One of the first things others may notice about you is your smile. If you don't have the teeth you want, you may work to achieve this goal with the proper cosmetic dental procedure. The good news for you is that there are many to choose from that can effectively improve your teeth. By knowing some details about the various types of dental procedures, this may enable you to make the best selection.

Porcelain crowns 

If you have teeth that are worn down due to time, you may want to consider getting a dental crown for these teeth. Choosing porcelain as the material that's used can enable you to have a more natural and attractive restoration.

The process of getting a crown will include your dental provider doing a complete evaluation of your teeth that will include x-rays. The tooth will then be shaped, and if there's any decay, it will be removed.

The next step will involve your dentist taking an impression of your teeth and sending this off to the dental lab to create your porcelain crown. Once the tooth is ready, you will go back to the dentist and have it cemented into place.

You can typically expect to pay $800-$3,000 per tooth to have this done.

Tooth contouring

Changing the shape of your tooth is entirely possible with tooth contouring. This process only requires one trip to the dental office and the dentist will simply remove some of the enamel of the tooth with a laser or drill.

Tooth contouring isn't painful and may be done in only 15-30 minutes per tooth. However, keep in mind that this process isn't a replacement for braces because this orthodontic treatment works to straighten all your teeth.

The average cost for tooth contouring is $50-$500 per tooth.

Gum reshaping

If you have more gum tissue than you think you should and this impacts your smile, you may want to consider having a gum reshaping procedure completely.  This process will remove excess gum tissue, and this can dramatically change your smile.

Gum reshaping can cost $50-$350 per tooth to have completed.

Working to have the ideal smile is entirely possible in this day and age. The technological advancements in the dental arena have made doing so more easily than ever. Be sure to consult with your cosmetic dentist (like those at Smudde Family Dentistry Inc/Meredeth Gray DDS) to find the ideal dental procedure that best fits your needs.