Smile Makeovers Can Be Beneficial—Science Says So

Many people are hesitant to show off their smile if they feel they are plagued by cosmetic concerns. Fortunately, a reputable cosmetic dentist has the ability to help you transform your smile into one that you will be proud to display. If you are wondering what types of benefits you can expect to receive by investing in cosmetic dental procedures, it can be helpful to look at the research behind these benefits.

Here are three things science says can be improved by a better smile.

1. A better smile could improve your social life.

The act of smiling creates a positive feedback loop within your brain. This loop helps to reduce stress levels and curb depression, two factors that can negatively affect your social life. Researchers have established a correlation between smiling and an improved social life.

In a study commonly referred to as the yearbook study, research showed that the women who had exhibited the biggest smiles in their college yearbook photos experienced happier marriages and fewer personal setbacks in the 30 years following their graduation.

If you want to improve the quality of your own social life, investing in a smile makeover could help you reap the benefits that smiling provides.

2. A better smile could lead to more success in your career.

When it comes to making a positive impression on your boss, smiling can be beneficial. Employees who experience career success are often those who are viewed as being trustworthy and competent.

If the quality of your teeth is preventing you from smiling on a regular basis, you could be sending your employer the wrong message. Researchers discovered that strangers deemed an individual more competent and trustworthy if he or she was smiling as opposed to holding a neutral facial expression.

Before interviewing for a new job or a promotion, invest in a smile makeover to ensure you are putting your best face forward and setting yourself up for success.

3. The act of smiling can reduce stress.

Chronic stress has been linked to a number of physical ailments. If you are hoping to relieve some of the stress in your life, the simple act of smiling could be a powerful tool.

Researchers at the University of Kansas discovered that students who smiled when completing stressful tasks exhibited a lower heart rate (a common measure of stress levels) than those students with a neutral facial expression.

Investing in a smile makeover so that you are more willing to bare your pearly whites could help you significantly reduce your stress levels in the future.

The benefits of smiling have been documented by researchers. Take advantage of these benefits by improving the quality of your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Contact a dentist such as Russell M Morrell DMD for more information.