5 Things To Keep In Your Oral Hygiene Arsenal When You Aren't At Home

The chances are great that you already know you should brush your teeth, floss after eating, and use a good mouthwash before bed. However, there are also other things you can do to your teeth to help them stay healthier while you are away from home. Here are 5 more things you want to have in your oral hygiene arsenal (or purse):

Sugarless gum – You may thing that chewing gum is bad for your teeth. The truth is that gum is very helpful when it comes to keeping your teeth cleaner and whiter. Sugarless gum will help to remove small food particles from your teeth and promote saliva production, which helps keep your teeth clean and makes it harder for plaque to accumulate. You should try to always have sugarless gum on you.  

Interdental brushes – Interdental brushes have a small handle you can hold between your finger and thumb. One end of it has small bristles. You can fit the bristles between your teeth. Carry these on you when you go out to eat so you can freshen up quickly after your meal when floss just won't do.

Floss handles – One of the reasons many people don't floss as much as they should is because it's so hard to do. You have to maneuver your fingers around your mouth in an awkward manner and fight to get the floss between your teeth. Having floss handles allows you to reach in your mouth with the handle and easily fit the floss right between your teeth.

Travel tooth brushing kit – Carrying a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in your car allows you to keep up with your dental care if you get caught away from home for the night. Also, you'll have them on hand for those instances where you find you have bad breath and you don't want to be embarrassed.

Dental emergency kit – You should carry a small dental emergency kit in your car just in case you have a dental emergency. In the kit, you want to have gauze, a small plastic bag, a small bottle of water, aspirin, and the numbers of emergency dentists in the area.

By having these 5 things, you will be better prepared to take care of your teeth the way they should be taken care of. You'll also know you are prepared for overnight stays and emergency situations. Talk with Stephen J Vanyo DMD PA for more oral hygiene tips.