Paying For Cosmetic Dentistry: What Are Your Options?

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Are your embarrassed by discoloration, chipped teeth, or even gaps between your teeth? If so, then you might be considering cosmetic dentistry procedures as a means of achieving the ideal smile you've always wanted. Unfortunately, you've also done your research and you know cosmetic dentistry isn't cheap--and typically isn't covered by dental insurance. Fortunately, if money is keeping you from getting cosmetic work done, there are some options worth considering.

Contact Your Insurance Company

First of all, understand that while dental insurance doesn't cover cosmetic work in most cases, there are always exceptions. For example, if your cosmetic issue is actually affecting your health in some adverse way, your insurance might cover it not as cosmetic work, but as a dental procedure that's necessary for your health. A common example of such a situation is a tooth that's been chipped to create a very sharp edge; if that edge is causing you injury (such as by puncturing your lip or gums), then your dental insurance might cover the cost of a dental bonding procedure. The only way to know is to contact your insurance company directly.

Purchase a Discount Dental Plan

Of course, what if you don't have insurance or what if you've already contacted your insurance company and got denied? You may still be able to save on your desired cosmetic dentistry procedure by investing in a discount dental plan. Essentially, a discount dental plan is a membership you purchase that entitles you to hefty discounts on procedures at participating dental offices. Unlike most dental insurance policies, discount dental plans include savings on cosmetic procedures and cost just a fraction of an actual insurance policy.

Apply for In-House Financing

If all else fails, there's a good chance that you can find a cosmetic dentist office that offers in-house financing. If you qualify for such an option, you can make monthly payments on your cosmetic dental work rather than having to pay in-full. Keep in mind, however, that you might be subject to interest rates if you can't find a dentist who offers a 0% interest promotion. Still, making monthly payments on your cosmetic dental work can be a great way to make it more financially feasible.

As you can see, there are plenty of options that can make paying for cosmetic work easier on you. Now, which option will you try?